Choose from range of natural veneered
Walnut, Oak, and Teak.
Other choice is laminated boards
Titanium Ash, Cappuccino, Silver Grey and Satin White

MDF Boards, Veneered,Laminated, Moisture Resistant.

Featuring a layer of real wood veneer sourced from various tree species like oak, walnut, or maple. This process combines the stability of MDF with the natural beauty of wood grain patterns.

Benefit from the cost-effectiveness of veneered MDF compared to solid wood, without compromising on aesthetics or durability.

Experience the durability and elegance of our boards.

With a range of colours and textures it replicates natural wood grain beautifully.

Laminated Woodgrain

Natural Wood Veneer

Explore selection of MDF boards. Ideal for building kitchens, bedrooms and wardrobes.

Scratch and stain resistance ensuring longevity with minimal maintenance.